Emily will be taking the 3rd/4th graders up the coast on this exciting overnight trip operated by Exploring New Horizons.

Emily says: We will drive from school and meet our naturalists at Pescadero Marsh and Natural Preserve for our first activity. We will eat lunch at the marsh after a short hike and then transport the short distance to the Pigeon Point Lighthouse to get oriented to our home away from home for the night. 

Our evening program will be an elaborate (and legendary) puppet show put on by their staff. Lights out is 8:30pm. Exploring New Horizons Outdoor School staff will be on hand during the night, but our school chaperones and I will be responsible for looking after the children throughout recreation time and after the end of the evening program.

We will awaken at 7am, eat breakfast, pack up and clean our dorms before heading out to Ano Neuvo for the day. We will get a chance to see elephant seals during their molting season. We will leave Ano Neuvo State Park in the afternoon and head back to Orchard on April 18th.

All field trips subject to change