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Welcome to the grand opening, first ever, ribbon cutting, inaugural parent corner. I’m really excited. I’m open to suggestions, themes, questions, comments, and I’ll work on accepting criticism. So, pull up a crate and sit a spell. It’s a wild ride! Thanks for being here!

— Shana Sisti


Class Blogs


Parents: Check here for regular updates from teachers about what is happening in your children's classes. Access is password protected and only viewable by the Orchard community.

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4th/5th/6th Grade

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3rd Grade

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2nd Grade

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1st Grade

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Kinder Blog

We do a lot in our little cottage. Every day is full of learning experiences, too many to detail in a monthly newsletter but hopefully this will give you a clearer idea of the specifics of our day. Use these posts as a jumping off point for conversations with your children about school, because the "how was your day" question we all ask our kids rarely elicits much of a response beyond "it was fun”…

As well as information about curriculum, I will be including a list of events and other reminders for the upcoming month. Please check the online calendar regularly for a longer view at what is in store school-wide.