“…Positive Discipline in the Classroom is based on a foundation of mutual respect. Creating an atmosphere of caring (kindness and firmness at the same time) is the first piece of the Positive Discipline puzzle, and putting this piece in place ensures that the foundation is not built on sand.” (Nelsen, Lott, and Glenn, Positive Discipline in the Classroom, 23)


And so we began the Positive Discipline portion of our first staff meeting of the school year by sharing the ways in which we show students we care. A few of these ways are:

"I’m so excited to have you in my class!” Say or show

Spending time with them during recess or before school, getting to know them, and caring about their interests and lives.

“I trust you” in words or through actions.

Having a healing basket in the classroom, creating a safe space.

Serving tea

Showing attention to all students

Showing excitement about their work

Showing students their thoughts count by listening, changing, or incorporating

When hurt - paying attention and seeing the problem and caring

Playing and joking with students

Allowing students to share their concerns, feelings, and complaints

Teachers sharing own interests outside of school

Having empathy

At Orchard, we care about your students and we want them to know that we care about them, so we hope that our message of caring gets through.