Since it’s the beginning of the holidays, it’s a great time to reflect. Gratitude is not only an idea; it’s an enriching practice that can be the light in a dim space. So I’ve asked our kids what they think about gratitude as it relates to life and Orchard School. Here’s what they said:

“Gratitude means feeling thankful and it doesn’t always have to be love, like I’m grateful that I didn’t fall out of that tree,” said Maxine, second grade.


"It means showing thanks. We have a Gratitude Bucket at school. It's not for compliments. Gratitude is really SHOWING thanks, not just saying it. Really making it count. Like, telling why, and making a person feel appreciated," said Nia, fifth grade. 

 “Unicycles!!! Climbing trees. Playing in the mud and not getting in trouble. And the other students,” said Tomas, sixth grade.

“Just to be here. It’s not like a normal school,” said Ryin, fifth grade.

”I love it here and the teachers are amazing,” said Ella, fifth grade.


“We get to run around barefoot and the teachers are really really nice. We have circus performances every year. And the friends here,” said Aubrie, sixth grade.

I’m seriously wowed and warmed by these. I’m grateful that these are the people that are inheriting our earth. And I’m thrilled that they are in a place that they love. Now go into this cold season with gratitude to light your way. 

If your gratitude flashlight needs some new batteries, I have happily shared some of mine in these photos. Some things that I am grateful for around our campus right now — frolicking, friendship, foliage, fun and fall.