Welcome to the grand opening, first ever, ribbon cutting, inaugural parent observation corner. I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m really excited though. I’m open to suggestions, themes, questions, comments, and I’ll work on accepting criticism. This is our family’s second year here at Orchard. Our child was lucky enough to begin his scholastic life in the kinder hut. The first time we visited the campus I felt a surge of hope. Our child who normally clung desperately to my body in any new situation, looked around, only one hand up my shirt, and began to take steps away from me. I could see excitement entering his tiny body through his feet as he crossed the bridge and saw the campus unfolding in front of us. Today he is so comfortable and confident I have to remind him to give ol’ mom a kiss goodbye before he runs off giddy to begin his day. 

Something that I have noticed time and time again from the kids at Orchard is the care that they take for one another. I’ve seen kids hug a classmate in moments of sadness. I’ve seen kids jump into action to get help for a friend with a scrape. I’ve watched as kids celebrate each other’s successes and triumphs. Gratitude is expressed between friends and it’s exhilarating as a parent and a person in this community to see the type of small humans they are becoming.